Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back from the Beach | My Boys | Beach Photographer | Galveston


We are officially back home from the beach house. What a great week. Here's a quick share of 2 of my favorite images. At least so far!

I've got great images from several sessions that will be coming soon. I think it'll make you want to join us next time. Because, yes, there are beautiful shots, but what I think of today is:

--sunset walks on the beach
--a little boy jumping waves and telling everyone that his strong Daddy can make him fly
--a small and cozy house that Lane insisted was sooo big
--lots of friends to stop by to play
--the way you look at me
--the smell of stargazer lilies (thank you, baby) mixed with candles, salt air and coconut shampoo
--a pretty incredible seashell collection
--strong coffee (does decaf count?) wrapped in an old quilt watching the sunrise
--sand between our piggies
--happiness and joy
--one son about to be a big brother, talking about all he will teach his little brother (a special shot of one of those moments is coming soon)
--sweet and special prayers, and a poignant recognition from a little one that our God is even bigger than the ocean. And that's really, really big.


I think I'm going to keep my beachy attitude for a while.
All images copyright 2A Photography.