Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life at Our House

So life at our house . . .


It's still crazy. There's just this general haze that seems to persist. Not that we don't have some amazing highlights. (And here's my real secret for all of you that seem to wonder or think that we have it all together here. It's all in the pictures. Read this post and you'll see what I mean . . .)

So, I was saying that there are some really high highs . . .There's just still a lot of ups and downs. Unexpected stuff--like surprise infections late in the game for me and allergies that have kept Lane from being at his first full week of (pre)school.

Or some ups that are sorta downs at the same time. Like the fact that we made it to the home opener of Friday night football--but we got there late and had to leave early. Or the fact that we celebrate that Hank is now on a 3 hour schedule. Yeah!! But yes, that means that we are still up every 3 hours all night long (but on the bright side he's sleeping between those feedings!!) See what I mean? See why it helps to see this when I look around the house in the morning?


I like that these are just snapshots--but full of meaning for me. I like that it makes me laugh to be able to feel how tightly little Hank is being squeezed.

Just generally life right now is full of the kind of things that make it especially important for me to focus on the positive. To remember that He gives strength to the weary. That even when I think my body is letting me down that He'll give me what I need for the day. Reliance. To remember all the blessings and to find joy.

And maybe that's what photography is really all about for me. Finding the joy. It happens in 2 ways--it's fun for me. I love the actual moment, the way my camera feels in my hands, seeing things as I frame them, the excitement (I know, geeky!) of seeing how they all turn out.


But it's also capturing a moment and making it beautiful. Having an image to look at that spins life at it's best. See--he really does sleep!!


And that's what I'm clinging to fairly often right now. There's a certain clarity of grace when I can clearly see the love and innocence in their eyes. I look at these images and it makes it a whole different ballgame next time I feel like saying--"Not so close--you can't get in your brother's face!", or "No, it's really not time for you to eat again, Littlest Man!"


So. My advice for today. . . Yes, find the things to be grateful for. But take it a step further. Take pictures of those things. It helps my gratitude to last longer!!

Like this one: The Toy Story game. Have you ever had to be in character almost all day long just to talk to your child? Have you ever become frustrated that you are no fun at all as Mama, but only if you are pretending to be Woody non-stop? And that when you do pretend to be Woody that you are just met with a constant barrage of commentary from Buzz Lightyear that Buzz is the coolest toy in the world, not you?

Well . . .this picture of the joy and excitement that the Toy Story game brings to my oldest really helps me smile and say, "Yes, I'd love to play the Toy Story game" instead of meeting the hundredth request of my morning with a big sigh.


And what about this one on the changing table. Soon to be framed and hung right over the changing table. I'll see this sweet little look of contentment that I snapped right after we got Hank all changed and fixed up last week. So . . .instead of focusing on how Hank cries and screams during the diaper change process, I'll think of how happy and sweet he looks when it's all done. And yes, I do need a reminder of that!!


For all of you who take the time to send me messages and call and find thoughtful ways to check on us, you are definitely "ups"--thank you. The down is that I don't always find the time (especially immediately) to follow-up, call you back, say thank you quick enough. But know that you make a difference.

Love and blessings to all,

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