Thursday, July 22, 2010

This time tomorrow . . .


This time tomorrow, I'll be holding you in my arms. I'll be the Mama to 2 wonderful sons. I'll have cried happy tears and checked all of your toes. And I'm sure I'll be exhausted.

But I know that I'll be thanking God for trusting me with another precious gift. It seems so unreal to me that He believes in me enough to give yall to me. But I know that He's with me, helping me to be the best Mama I can be for yall.

So, goodnight, my newest love. In some ways it's the last night that I'll hold you this close. But I know that with each passing day I'll hold you closer and closer in my heart.

You are my hope wrapped in a blanket. You are my I love you. You are my precious child, my sweet little one, my gift from my Father. And I cannot wait to meet you.


Say good night to God for me and get ready to say good morning to me.
Blessings to you your whole life through--I already know I love you.
Your Mama
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