Monday, August 9, 2010

Guardian Angel | Newborn Photographer Magnolia


Having a new baby for me is everything perfect wrapped in a bundle. His little velvet head. Sweet smelling neck. Tiny little fingers that wrap around just one of mine. The way his huge eyes look up at me with such trust.



He's my new constant photo obsession!


I've created a video of his first 2 weeks that you can click on below. Just go to hear the song if you have time. Many are pictures that are already posted on here from the hospital, and others are here in the post. But there are a few new shots and more than anything, you have GOT to hear this song. Have. Got. To. It's so beautiful. I cried and cried--and it's not just the hormones, I promise!!

Oh yes, I definitely anticipated his arrival and prayed for him. I believe that these boys are gifts. But I'm not sure if I am their guardian angel or if they are mine. Either way, I pray that I can be exactly what they need here on earth to guide them to be the men that I know they can become. I do pray that "on my wings they may soar higher than they thought was possible."

I'm finalizing the birth announcements this week. Let me know if there are any of the shots that stand out to be included--and on a completely personal level--family, send me any addresses that you want included on the announcement list! I'm planning to use one of the boys together (probably this next one) in the card, and at least 3 of just Hank. Yes, it's going to be a tri-fold and it's going to be magical! At least to me!!


Thank you can't express my gratitude for how much love is being sent our way. But thank you, nonetheless!

Updated to add: The amazing song is Guardian Angel, Leah West!

Much love and many blessings,
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