Friday, April 30, 2010

Speaking of Excitement and News . . .

Guess who wanted to have his picture made with his brother this morning?



I'm guessing you recognize my son . . .and hopefully you don't recognize the belly!!!

But yes, he's getting a little brother in July!

I take advantage of any time that he decides that he's ready for a "photo shoot", so these are the quick snapshots from this morning.

SCHEDULE UPDATE: I will be out of town this coming week, and will return emails when I'm back. I'll then be in town for a week and then out of town for the next 10 days (until the end of May). So plan to talk to me the 10th through the 17th if you need anything!!

Blessings to yall--I feel them richly--

All images copyright 2A Photography.


amyoutlaw said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And what belly exactly. It's a speed bump and I'm really jealous.

Amy (Outlaw) O'Neal

2A said...

Thanks, Amy! Both for the congratulations and for making me laugh!

Rebecca said...

Precious! Congrats, again! Love ya!

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