Friday, April 30, 2010

What I've Been Up To--And a Few Things I'm Excited About

Oh wow how time flies. I've been crazy busy around here, and I've managed to neglect my poor little blog. My apologies to yall who haven't even seen your previews!! And my apologies to my blog fans and those of you who have sent messages checking on me, thank you soooo much. Everything is great here--just busy. And it makes my updates and work so much more fun when I know that yall are keeping up with me. Thank you. apparently I'm making up for the lack of recent posts by just blabbing away. Sorry.

Here's a true sneak peek from one of my recent sessions. I LOVE my cowboys, you know, but these little ones?! Oh my! How cute is he?



And it's the perfect lead-in to what I'll be up to next week. I'm heading home to the ranch for Spring Branding. Here are the invitations we sent out:



So you can tell that it's work, but a party. I mean, a party where there is work. Just a lot of fun. So you can expect western shots coming up soon.

Along with the beach shots. And more session previews. And Sr. Rep updates!!!

And speaking of invitations, here are a couple of senior invitations that I've been working on--what do you think? Make you think of Christmas cards???



I'm currently booking sessions in October--I know, crazy! So if you want your family session and Christmas cards, then now is the time to book! Same goes for Class of 2011 Seniors. It's time . . .!

More updates soon. At least sooner than last time!


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